What is a UDC?

A Unified Development Code (UDC) is a document in which traditional zoning and subdivision regulations are combined with other desired city regulations such as sign requirements, design guidelines and water management. It serves to implement the recommendations of Cicero’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan, which is the leading local policy document setting forth Cicero’s long term vision and solutions to local economic development and zoning issues.

By combining all of these regulations in a single document, a UDC is intended to streamline and coordinate the development process of permits and approvals for development projects by removing inconsistencies and eliminating outdated policies. The required permits, processes, and regulations for the development process are outlined in one place, making it easier for developers, the public, and public entities to understand the requirements.

Along with the compiling of regulations and policies, UDOs use clear, consistent language and definitions, with many illustrations and tables, often in attractive, easy-to-read formats to further help stakeholders understand the regulations. A UDC will help Cicero respond better to the way development occurs and help avoid overlapping regulations.

Visit this CMAP video about understanding zoning and subdivision regulations.