Project Schedule

Over the course of the next several months, the Consultant Team, led by the Savoy Consulting Group (SCG), will be undertaking a number of initiatives to understand local issues that will form the basis for the preparation of the Town of Cicero’s new Unified Development Code (UDC) beginning early 2021.

Check out the What is a UDC page to learn more.

Information from the efforts described below will serve as justification for the recommended changes to the Zoning Code.

Data Collection/Meetings with Steering Committee
Anticipated: September – November 2020
The SCG Team is meeting with Town staff and a Steering Com­mittee composed of community leaders to collect data on local conditions, establish a public engagement approach, and review the goals and issues to be addressed in the Zoning Code Update. The Steering Committee will provide direction on important zoning issues and work closely with the Consultant Team as was done during the comprehensive planning process.

Stakeholder Focus Groups
Anticipated: November 2020
The SCG Team will conduct focus group interviews with community leaders and different zoning user groups in Cicero, to understand local issues and conditions.

Virtual Workshop #1
Anticipated: December 2020
Originally planned as an in-person event, a virtual public workshop will be held over many days using a web based engagement platform to solicit input and feedback from all interested residents, groups, and or­ganizations in Cicero. The goal of the workshop is to encourage participation and contribution of varied ideas for solving issues, not to determine a specific course of action.

NOTE: All dates are subject to change.